Joshua DuBois for Business Alliance Inc Video Testimonials

June 06, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Joshu DuBois

What does franchising mean to you?

Joshu DuBois: What does Franchising mean to me, Franchising is all about an opportunity. In my opinion, it really goes back to my own personal experiences growing up. You know, my father, my mother, myself, my younger sister, like many people that fall or have family in Franchising, the people that fall into Franchising usually tend tend to come from the hospitality industry, the restaurant industry, the food industry and similar to that, my father owned a restaurant working seven days a week, morning nights, weekends. So he eventually made the investment into a single unit dry cleaning franchise, scaled that to be a multi unit franchise owner and later became CEO of the entire operation. So my see, my family change the family dynamic from working seven days nights a week, you know, having no sense of control over his schedule, not really achieving that sense of freedom that most people are looking forward to making that investment into a dry cleaning franchise. And then really achieving that sense of lifestyle freedom, that sense of financial freedom. And I remember growing up, he was always at my sports games and really just living life on his terms. So watching someone create an opportunity in the world of Franchising. I think that's what Franchising really comes down to because you can't make that investment and your life's not gonna change with the snap of the fingers. It really is about, they're gonna give you the keys to the car. But what are you gonna do with that opportunity? Are you gonna put your foot on the gas pedal or are you gonna put your foot on the brake? So it's not like Franchising is gonna change your life overnight. You're gonna become a multimillionaire, the financial freedom and all these things that are thrown out there, the generational wealth opportunities. But if you have the mindset that you can conquer anything in this world, you know, you'll have the opportunity in the world of Franchising where you're able to leverage your current opportunity, set your skills, your strengths, your weaknesses in that right opportunity so that you can take back control of your future that so many people are looking for. So I think a big question.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Joshu DuBois: What are you passionate about outside of work? This is one of the questions that's always the toughest for me. And one of the questions I really don't like, I would say, you know, I enjoy work. I love working. I think, you know, if you, you are not passionate about work, you should find something that you are passionate about and make, find ways to monetize that and really make that a career outside of work. And I'd say something that a lot of people don't necessarily know about me is I really enjoy stand up comedy. So I'm definitely very far from being a comedian or even funny to say the, the lightest. But I do really enjoy watching stand up comedians. I have a tremendous amount of respect for people that can go up on stage. Make hundreds thousands of people laugh simply just telling stories, talking about themselves and really just studying as someone that was always very introverted and fearful of public speaking, watching people, you know, very able to make fun of themselves in front of other people. I think it gives a lot of confidence to what they do and it's just very eye opening, watching the different performances, the different comedians and just the confidence to say different things and go do it literally every single night in a different city and have different jokes. So I have a lot of respect to what those people do. So that's something that not a lot of people know about me that sometimes every once in a while I do like to watch stand up comedy. Um outside of that, really, what I'm passionate about is really spending time with my family. That's something that's really important to me. I just read a statistic that, you know, parents raise their kids. They spend the 1st 18 years of their life with their Children for the most part, then the rest of their lives, they typically spend about one year with them from, from when they turned 19 then on. So as I have aged and, you know, graduated from college, I've always found it more and more important to spend quality time with family and continually build and improve upon those relationships. So that's really something that I'm passionate about. I'm very passionate about my family spending time with them. And I do always like a good laugh of stand up comedy as well.

What are the top 1-3 Items on your bucket list?

Joshu DuBois: The top items on my bucket list, um work related. I'm really trying to build a team that's always been something that's really important to me. I like working with other people, managing motivating um surrounding myself with other people that are 10 X better than me and trying to pick their brains apart. So I've always wanted to surround myself with more of a team and want to really build a team, especially on the marketing agency side of the business, really starting to build up further and further there. So that's something that's currently very high on my bucket list in terms of not necessarily work related. Something that I really enjoy is traveling. So I've always growing up in Boston now, I live in Miami, Florida. I like to really do things in kind of like three year time spurts. So next, I want to go maybe the Midwest or potentially even overseas somewhere like Europe. So that's kind of high up on my bucket list being able to travel different parts of not only this country but different aspects of the world. I find it very interesting getting different perspectives, insights from different people and that's really what I enjoy doing on the podcast as well. Kind of getting these different insights, perspectives of different people that have had success and really being able to pick their brain apart. So really hoping that I can continue to travel, continue to shake more hands and meet more people is something that I'm really looking forward to, especially as a young entrepreneur.

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