Gina Johnson, President Business Alliance Inc

January 25, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gina Johnson, President, Business Alliance Inc

Could you share your favorite thing about Business Alliance Inc?

Gina Johnson: Hello, this is Gina Johnson. I'm the president at Business Alliance. One of my favorite things about Business Alliance is our revenue share that we have with our brokers. The reason I like that is, it shows that we are vested in their success. When a broker starts out, the revenue split is 90 10. And then once the broker reaches a total of 250,000 in commissions, it is then increased 95 5, we are vested in their success. We have a tremendous amount of support and continued training and that is one of my favorite things about Business Alliance.

What does franchising mean to you?

Gina Johnson: What Franchising means to me is sharing a successful business models with others that would like to start their own business. A franchise has a proven support system development team that is there to support the franchisees and a record of success. So you're able to capitalize on their marketing, their training and their experience. So if you're thinking of becoming a business owner, the best path in my opinion would be Franchising.

Who should join the BAI Network and why?

Gina Johnson: Who should join Business Alliance network. Well, I think anyone that is interested in having a business that they can control their hours and um have more control of their lifestyle while helping others reach their goal of business ownership.

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