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January 25, 2024

If you are passionate about franchising and want to be part of a dynamic network that is driving the industry forward, we invite you to join us and contribute your ideas, expertise, and insights.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brandon Clifford, COO, Business Alliance Inc

Could you share your favorite thing about Business Alliance Inc?

Brandon Clifford: My favorite thing about Business Alliance is pretty simple. It's the culture, it's a group of like minded individuals who come together to inspire others to take the leap into entrepreneurship. And, you know, I can't really think of anything better than that.

What does franchising mean to you?

Brandon Clifford: To me, Franchising means people helping people in business. It's, you know, it's really an opportunity to really leverage your strengths with the strengths of others. So you can share greater successes together. Um Ultimately, if it wasn't for Franchising, a lot of people would never have the, the guts, the wherewithal, the determination to, to, to launch a business. And so what's really great about Franchising is it really opens the doors of entrepreneurship to people who otherwise would never do it themselves.

Who should join the BAI Network and why?

Brandon Clifford: If you're passionate about helping others, um someone who wants to get into business for themselves, um especially within a franchise system, you should definitely think about joining the BAI Network as a franchise consultant. If you're a franchise brand, if you're a franchisor if you're a company who's looking to become a franchise and you wanna grow um smartly but also swiftly and tap into a network of, of consultants who can help you find potential candidates. You should also join the BAI Network. The BAI Network is also great for suppliers, people who want to do business with franchisors and franchise consultants. It's a great place because ultimately the, the mission here at BAI is to be the premier resource for all things Franchising. That's for consultants, that's for Franchisors brands. It's for suppliers to the franchise in industry, and it is for, for educated buyers as well. So any and all things Franchising, you should really be a part of the BAI network.

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