FranPro Broker Academy

January 30, 2024

Video Transcript

Hey everybody. Welcome back. My name is Brandon Clifford COO here at Business Alliance. Excited to talk today about our FranPro Broker Academy. So our, our broker academy here essentially houses all of our modules that have to do with BASE training. Ok. So BASE training, which is the Business Alliance Scope of Education is where you enter into Once you become an official registered franchise broker with Business Alliance Inc which hopefully will be very soon. And we're gonna take you through a process to help on board you get you comfortable with this new business venture you're entering into. Um and then, and then launch your business successfully. So this is broken up into some simple easily digestible phases that you can go through here. And we call it our FranPro Broker Academy. So let's take a look at it. First and foremost, you're gonna start off with establishing your business. You know, gonna follow a blueprint. You're gonna, there's a bunch of different modules in here, a bunch of different lessons to make sure you're dotting your I's and crossing your Ts and have the business set up, in the proper way. so that you can then grow from there right, then you're gonna enter into the Franchise Sales Accelerator course. And again, these can all happen, you know, almost simultaneously within days, within weeks, depending on how quickly you're moving forward. The franchise sales accelerator course was developed by an industry veteran. His name is Don Shin, his company is franchise building experts and, and Don has a tremendous background in Franchising. And he's built this course to help you know, franchise professionals, especially BAI brokers hit the ground running with their franchise practice, So you take that online. It's, it's all housed right in here. And you can move at your own pace. It should take you about 10 hours or so to complete, but it'll give you really good base of knowledge. You know, again, no pun intended (BASE training) for you to be able to then move into the next phase, which is your core training. OK. Core training is, is a classroom setting. It'll be via Zoom but live in person with a representative from Business Alliance as well as other individuals in your cohort who are also at this point launching their business. They're, they're going through the on boarding process and they're looking to get open very very soon. During this time, you can, you'll probably be revisiting a lot of the stuff you covered in the franchise sales accelerator. But be able to go a little bit deeper with question and answer and, and in live discussion, Socratic discussion in, in a classroom setting. Right after you complete core training, you're then gonna go into the phase where you're Enhancing Your Business So this is gonna be, finishing up all the stuff that you started in the establish your business phase, you know, things like launching your crm, making sure your website is, is finished and polished up, starting to, to generate generate leads. And then you also, you're gonna now have some follow up calls with Don Shin, who created the franchise sales accelerator course we talked about earlier. and he's going to be doing group calls with, with not just you but other individuals in your cohort again, you know, maybe 4 to 6 individuals who are all about the same pace, you know, in terms of, of where they're at with launching their business. So, you know, making sure you're, you're following up with leads efficiently, you're generating leads enough to, to grow your business and, and you're also, he'll help you with your pipeline management as things go, things go on, go along and you hit the ground running. So this is designed to, to get you open, you know, swiftly. Um but also smartly, you know, so you're not rushing and skipping things. And throughout this whole entire process, you will have a single point of contact from Business Alliances Inc who can hold your hand and, and guide you to, to do all this. The other, the final component of this frame pro broker academy is a tour of the franchise vault. This gives you an overview of something that's a little bit further to come of what's in the franchise vault, so to speak. So we have it broken up in a few different areas. we have our, our retail collective, we have our, our non retail collective, we have our home based collective and we have our mobile collective. So these are the different types of business models you'll find in Franchising and then all the individual brands are in there. More to come on that. But this is a quick, quick little overview of what you can find in our Fran Pro Broker Academy and hopefully you'll find it very useful. You have a wonderful day.

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