Franchise Broker Mastery Academy

January 26, 2024

Video Transcript

Hello Everybody! Brandon Clifford here again, excited to continue to share with you a little bit about FranLink. So today we're gonna talk a little bit about the Franchise Broker Mastery Academy. So essentially what the Franchise Broker Mastery Academy is, is where you're gonna find all of our continuing education, whether it's specific information about lending or marketing or sales topics. This is where we're going to house all of those trainings. It's an ever evolving sphere. So we're always tweaking and adding new content too, but just to kind of show you a slight example. Um you know, when you, once you become an official registered franchise broker with Business Alliance Inc and you've completed your on boarding, completed your BASE training. And now you've launched your business, that's when you get access to all these great topics here, right? So one thing we have is a funding 101 course for franchise brokers. It's got about 12 different modules, all the ins and outs of, of business lending. So you can share that with your candidate, right? We have marketing basics for franchise brokers. So everything from how to market your business, to create brand awareness, to generate leads and everything in between. Another great course in here as well. We have a specific course developed for BAI brokers from Sandler sales. Many of you have probably heard of Sandler sales. It's a great value add that you get as being part of our network where you can access their top level training, Franchise sales, specific topics, you know, a franchise purchase is something different than any other purchase anyone ever makes in their entire life. So it's very nuanced. So we have some specific franchise sales topic, webinars and videos that are in here to help you uh with franchise recruitment, And then we have what's called business development webinars. So business development, webinars happen very frequently. They're typically live via zoom, you can attend them live. But let's say you're busy, you're working with candidates, it's Tuesday at 2 p.m. and you can't be on that business development webinar. very quickly, probably within the next week, we will upload those recordings to this section here, you know, so you're able to always, if you happen to miss one or you wanna revisit one or rewatch one, you'd be able to find it here. And then we also have, we often have round table discussions, you know, things where we're, you know, specifically going over the sales process. This is something that we do during the launch phase, And so we have recordings of those round table discussions in their place right here as well. So again, that's just a high level overview. This is the, the Mastery Academy. Once you've officially launched your business and you're, you're out of BASE training, You're ready to kind of dive into some of those more deeper understanding topics once you have the base knowledge, so, hopefully a great resource that you'll tap into.

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