Ken Mercer for Client Video Testimonials

July 26, 2022

Ken was looking for a retirement home in Colonial Beach, VA that his grandkids would also enjoy, but needed a short term rental in-between selling his home in MD and buying his new home in VA!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ken Mercer

Introduce yourself & tell us why you needed/wanted to move. What fears or specific needs did you have before you called us?

Ken Mercer: Good day. My name is Ken Mercer. I moved from the city of Baltimore last fall and was looking for a Realtor with some local knowledge of the Colonial Beach area. where I'd hoped to find my retirement home.

How did you first get in contact with the Brooke Miller Team and your agent?

Ken Mercer: My Realtor from Baltimore recommended Anna Torres. She had interviewed her and I couldn't have been happier with that recommendation.

Tell us about the obstacles your agent helped you overcome during the transaction?

Ken Mercer: My biggest obstacle for the real estate transaction here in Virginia was finding a place to live short term. I settled on my home in Baltimore in August and needed that closing to complete in order to purchase down here. So Anna, with great effort, found a three month apartment in the city of Fredericksburg, where I was working at the time. And that was difficult to find.

How do you feel now that the closing is complete?

Ken Mercer: I couldn't be happier with the home I found in Colonial Beach. It's a traditional Beach home that my grandkids will enjoy coming to visit. Anna found 10 or 12 homes to look at here. And, she negotiated a deal with the best one.

What will you say to someone when you refer us in the future?

Ken Mercer: I have referred several colleagues to Anna, telling them that they won't find a single person with more knowledge and a commitment to finding the perfect home for them.

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