Danny and Pam Williams: Client Video Testimonial

June 01, 2023

Danny and Pam Williams sold their home and wanted to downsize and move closer to their family. Our team found them the perfect home, negotiated a great deal and helped them close in less than 10 days.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Danny and Pam Williams

Introduce yourself & tell us why you needed/wanted to move. What fears or specific needs did you have before you called us?

Danny and Pam Williams: Hi. Oops. Hi, this is Danny Williams. Uh, my wife Pamela and I just bought a house through Long and Foster from the Brooke Miller team. And, uh, we'd just like to say thank you for helping us buy this house in record time. And we want to thank Brooke Miller. First of all, secondly, we'd like to thank Frank mckinney, an agent who went above and beyond in researching and helping us uh with all the transactions. Uh, we'd also like to thank the R G S title team of Donna Chilton and Patrick Dolan. Uh, in addition, Amy Buchanan was the transaction coordinator for Frank mckenney. Uh, they helped us find a house, buy it and go to settlement in record time and that's our story in a nutshell. Thank you.

How did you first get in contact with the Brooke Miller Team and your agent?

Danny and Pam Williams: Yes. Just to tell you, uh, we got in contact with the Brook Miller team through our son and daughter who also bought a house through, uh, Brooke Miller. Thank you.

Tell us about the obstacles your agent helped you overcome during the transaction?

Danny and Pam Williams: In addition, we had no major obstacles during this search. We just needed to uh preview some places. And Brooke Miller sent us uh places to look at and Frank mckinney uh took us to do on site inspections and it was very easy.

How do you feel now that the closing is complete?

Danny and Pam Williams: And also, uh, Pam and I would like to say, we're very happy now that the closing is complete and we're looking forward to living in a new house.

What will you say to someone when you refer us in the future?

Danny and Pam Williams: We will definitely uh recommend the Brook Miller team to anyone who's looking for a new house.

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