Tyler | K-Construction

March 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tyler Anderson, K-Construction

Describe how the Edge has changed you professionally and personally.

Tyler Anderson: What's up edge family. I'm Tyler. Um So real quick to come up with the words for this. It's been hard because we've been through so much in the short time that we've been together. Doing this study weekly for me has held me accountable. It's allowed me to keep growing and stretching weekly. And I can tell you firsthand that I've had plenty of opportunities to practice and honestly, more than I'd like, but I only believe that's because God is preparing us for more. He's preparing me for more. And specifically, both the leader and the team teachings have re-highlighted the "why" for me every week. I've actually put into practice that the study that we've, we've went through that one week where it was, where am I going? Why does it matter? And what's my role? And that's transformational for me, it's been transformational for the people I work with when we can answer those questions. And so for me to focus on the why weekly has been important because I do that a lot for other people. So that's been good. Um I would say also the bonus sessions or the session with the most meat or the Tuesday sessions for me. Um When we get reminded about the truce of who God is and who God says. He says we are. And what he wants to do in our current life, He wants to be involved. He cares and there's a lot of promises of God that I tend to not think about as often as I should. And so being refocused to those promises have been super impactful. And I'm very grateful that this study and this group of people are focusing on that. I couldn't ask for a better training or, or better time, better way to spend time to grow. So very thankful and excited for what's next.

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