Robin Butler | Noah Certification

March 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Robin Butler, NOAH

Describe how the Edge has changed you professionally and personally.

Robin Butler: but this is Robin Butler with Noah. And I am the CEO of this, uh, this company and I've learned most of my CEO stuff, not from going to college and getting a business degree, but reading books, great books that people have written. I'm a lifelong self improvement type of a guy. And, um, when I became the CEO, I needed to figure out what does the CEO do. And so I've learned a lot from, from books. However, uh, the team has not learned or does not grow, they don't read the books, they don't study the things that, that I study and what I really like about the edge is that Dion and others. And Graham have, I have read the books and they're bringing us a version, a, um, smaller version, lifestyle version of applying things that they have read and, and applied into business or ministry and learned throughout the, their life to what they're doing, uh, in either their ministry or their businesses that they're involved with. And what that is doing for the team is, it's teaching them the principles that I couldn't teach them. I can read it, I can learn it. But for me to turn around and, and teach that to the team, I don't have that skill set to do. So what I'm getting out of the edge is a lot of people saying, wow, this is if this works. Um, case in point, I just got an email. I believe it was this morning or yesterday from one of our inspectors that was on the call on Wednesday. And he said, deep work works and he was commenting on how he was able to spend some time focused or not focused, but working on something innovative and um creating a, a deep work session for himself. So it's good for um for everyone in the team to have this. And also the point that if I was taken out of the equation, what would happen? I love the fact that we are now teaching the team to become leaders and that hopefully and eventually I will be taken out of the equation. Will the company continue to grow and thrive without me being here? So I'm expecting that that's going to be a byproduct of what we're doing here at the edge. So thank you guys for listening and we'll see you next time.

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