Kimberly @ Rainmakers

March 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kimberly Remedies

Describe how the Edge has changed you professionally and personally.

And training has helped me professionally in that in our teams were all speaking the same language and we're all working towards goals in a similar way. So it's super helpful to know that we're having deep work blocks. If I can't get in touch with someone that we have great communication around deep work blocks. Um It's great to know that teams are helping us build our ethos over time. So all these things just feel really wonderful to be able to do them together with the team. I love the idea of a team of leaders instead of a leader of a team. I think this has really helped our team feel like they have the ability and a voice and that they are heard what they have to bring to the table is honored when we approach things from this place of a team of leaders. So I really love that um implementation into our team. Um But really above all else, it just feels wonderful to have a place where our team leaders are being mentored and poured into this was something that they requested. Um And Stephen and Chelsea were so wonderful to provide edge training for our team. Um They, you know, had just our, our company blossomed really, really quickly. And so our team of leaders, a lot of them came from within the product itself. And so we have this amazing group of people who truly love and believe in what we do because it worked for them, which is amazing. Um And also, you know, we came into a place as people who could do the thing and fill the spot. And so kind of leveling up to a place of being able to be poured into and to work. Um like the difference between on the business and in the business has been so powerful and I know that not only are leaders but also the team members have valued having the space to learn and grow together. Um As we all continue to work towards the same language and the same culture in, in the business. Um And then personally, I practice these things on my family. So um leading a team at work is a lot like leading a team at home. And I have five Children who live at home with me. And it's um been really profound to see that the same principles that work in business, work in the home and vice versa, right? So um the same patients that we need with our Children, sometimes we need with our team members. And when t when team members don't exactly hit the mark, it's not a matter of what's wrong with this team member. It's a question of how am I leading them to get that result? And so I love that, put you back in the seat of power and authority where you can continue to lead your team in a way that is reflective of your leadership style and not necessarily pointing fingers at, at them specifically. So, um I love that mentality around taking ownership of the result, even if you're not the one doing it as a leader, I think that's brilliant. Um And then just like there's been some really key things and key moments in the trainings that I've seen really aligned with where I'm at in life right now, at home and even even in business as well. But um specifically, today, we talked about permission and this is in the leadership training, like coming to ask permission for um you know, like for the Lord to carry its permission area and talking about boundaries and expanding those boundaries appropriately. And um this is so ironic because it aligns with something that was happening in my life just today. So really cool how this is aligning and I feel equipped and empowered to do what I need to do at work as well as to show up well at home and continue to grow in that leadership area as well. So, thank you so much for this training. Thank you for taking the time to pour into our team and I know that the return on investment that this team is going to bring will be seriously profound and it is going to knock your socks off.

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