Elaine | Border Counseling

March 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: ELAINE Border, Border Counseling Services

Describe how the Edge has changed you professionally and personally.

ELAINE Border: My name is Elaine Border. And I've been doing the Edge process now and I've owned a business for six years. This is actually the second business that I've owned. And these management tools have so changed my life because I didn't know what I didn't know. And now that I know how to organize myself better. And I've been looking for something like this for a long time to actually give me step by step tools to actually organize my time. That's been the biggest thing is like the three methods of identifying what type of work that you're doing has really revolutionized my business and my time and made me more productive. So knowing what I'm going to work on at what time and what, how to segregate that has just made me more productive than um I've ever been in all the years I've been in business. The other thing that has really helped me is it's brought up a level of how I relate to my staff. So how to manage the people in my business. That's always been a hard thing for me to, it's helped me realize that what I have been doing, I've been doing well and what I haven't been doing that has those two fold to that I have always been very vulnerable with my staff and been very straightforward and very, very honest with them. But it's also given me where those limits are on when, where to give those clear boundaries to my staff. Also, I think the two biggest parts I've learned in this is how to clarify things and what I wanted, what my expectations are because I think I've always just made, it's been too broad. So my instructions now have been more clear and that's also been very helpful. I gained a high respect from my staff that I didn't realize that I didn't have before because I've been applying these principles and that's been very, very helpful. Also. Um I appreciate the feedback. I figure out the worksheets that we get that go along with this. So you just really here, see clear cut, how do you to apply it? I'm taking the notes, but the other part of it too is listening to Graham knowing the different position that I'm in the upstairs downstairs. I got to go upstairs and talk to God about this circumstance the other day I applied this so perfectly and going okay. I'm going to now, what's my position in Christ? Understanding I can do this from the right position and then I'm really in business with God. That's been amazing for me that I'm me and God are doing this together. Instead of thinking, I have to do it all alone. That's rad that's radically changed my perspective on this. How to rest, how to rest has been amazing. The prayers that Graham has given us in this to be able just to soak in that every single day and to rest in things and to be in a different position, go upstairs and look at your problems and then come back down to the circumstance. It's just been amazing to have all these different perspectives put into some such practical terms that you know, how to apply them every day. It's just so applicable to working a business every single day. So I appreciate all you guys so much. I appreciate how you model it for us because you always want feedback and that we know that you're listening to how we're what we're saying and having the whole group and how listen to the way the different members of the group are applying this that's been very helpful to. So I just recommend this to anybody that's in business. It's just so practical and it's so helpful and it puts all your spiritual pieces and your practical pieces together in a really wonderful, easy format. So I appreciate you guys and I thank you. And this really has changed my life.

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