Bev Peltzer | Accounting

March 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bev Peltzer, Perfectly Balanced

Describe how the Edge has changed you professionally and personally.

Bev Peltzer: What a great exercise to reflect back and, and take a pause and look at where I've come from over the last three months, two or three months, as I've engaged with this edge community, I had no idea what that was really going to be about except that I knew that as a solo preneurs, uh just beginning to build a team that I needed help, help in figuring out how to build the culture of the business, how to get things out of my head and in a systematic and um way that that the three part time goals that I have working for me would be able to catch what it is. Um I felt the Lord lead me to over the last seven years. I've run this bookkeeping business. I have to say bookkeeping, especially at this time of year seems like it's all about the tyranny of the urgent, we hit the ground running in January and we don't seem to slow down until May and so Edge has been just a refreshing respite in the middle of um what feels like a nonstop crazy season with constant phone calls, emails, CPAs and everybody else wanting to have their financial information done for their tax preparation. And in the middle of that, I've got gals that are going through this whole process for the first time. And so okay, how do we, how do we do? I not impart to them just that this is a crazy stressful business but to bring them and bring myself really to that place of okay, as Graham says, we work from that place of rest and peace. So Graham's teachings have been wonderful because they really ground me in. Okay Jesus, why are we doing this? And I really talked to him a lot. He's the owner. I keep telling Him it was your idea that we do this. It was your idea that I hire employees. And so you're gonna have to help lead me and help me figure out how to do this. And along came Edge, I love the tools that we've been given. Um The CUE book is so helpful suddenly, or I found a way to not have everything just in scattered pieces of paper and notes on note pads all over the place, but to have a central place where I can really put down what I'm working on, going to be working on this week. And I would say the other thing that's been really transformative and at least so far and I'm just scratching the surface is the whole notion of permission being given permission to work ON the business and not in the business and work on it from a Kingdom perspective. I've been in other groups that are related to my field. But there's not much Kingdom there and, and so to have just a different frame of reference. I love that. And I say the notion of deep work because I've yet to get into it. Um I have it on my calendar for the end of this week to have my first deep work session. You know exactly what I'm gonna be working on and I'm excited about that possibility. The other thing is permissions that I've given to my gals to enlist them and to get them to come alongside where I'm not doing all of as we're developing systems and protocols and procedures and everything else, no instructions for clients because everything's been in my head to be able to bring them on board with me and empower them and give them permission to be creative and come up with ways that would work for them and then to share with one another what's working here, what this works for me that works for you and that we really can be building building something that will carry us forward as we bring on new clients as maybe we bring on new employees so I could go on and on and on. I love it. I have to say it, it's, it's a commitment that can be difficult. And, but every week I so look forward to my Tuesday and Wednesdays, I told the girls don't interrupt me during this time. I am not interruptible at all and I just, I can't thank you all enough for just the empowerment that I feel, the confidence that I'm gaining and the permissions that you've given to grow this kingdom business. Thanks so much.

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