Lisa Watters for Why Impartation?

July 26, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lisa Watters

If you were telling someone about Impartation, why would you encourage them to sign up?

Lisa Watters: Hi jenny and Teresa and the team at brilliant. Um It's lisa what is from Melbourne victoria in Australia and just want to say that I'm really enjoying importation. Um I love that it's interactive and you can actually speak to people or ask questions. I like that you can write in the zoom section um comments. I like the portal, although I haven't used that a lot. Um but I like that I can, if I have a question I can um right there and someone will respond. And would I encourage you? I definitely encourage people um heaps of people here know that. I love it, but it's three a.m. In Australia. And so um they're not keen on that, although I like the fact that you can watch it at a later date and probably now that I know that you can do this and share um your exchanges here, I may do that a little bit more. Um but yeah, I just I really like the fact that relational learning gets fleshed out and that we get to practice keys and we don't have to be perfect. Yeah. Still processing this, the monkey bar and I know that's with the women's conference, but that's probably where I'm at at the moment. And I love that picture, Teresa that you gave the monkey bar wrong and leaving those old rungs behind and or dropping them and just moving forward and yeah, I like the fact that you get to process um and you get to see other people's processing too and yeah, thank you very much. Really appreciate it. Very grateful to attend.

Do you have an exchange you would like to share with the Brilliant team?

Lisa Watters: Yeah, I'm just thinking through my exchanges. I've had I've had a lot, but I think one that key that keeps growing for me as we delve into some of the topics again, um is the topic of reframing. And I used to have a mindset of I have to do such and such and now I know I'm there's so many topics, especially we've decided to homeschool one of our Children and at first I have to because of so many lockdowns we've had in Australia. But now it's I get to I get to and where my husband and I are so thrilled with his development and yeah, just seeing his confidence and his faith and his willingness to try go up. Um it's been wonderful. So, um yeah, really enjoying some of the exchanges and challenges presented in importation. Thank you.

Why is Brilliant different from other similar products or services?

Lisa Watters: um brilliant perspectives or brilliant tv or any of their coaching courses are so different from anything I've experience before. Most other services have been, I guess sermons or perhaps bible studies, um, and things that I need to print out and just complete on my own. I love the fact that I can go back and I can rewatch either these coaching sessions through importation or I can watch any of Graham's teachings and watch it over and over again. I can then, yeah, I can ask questions, I can interact. I can right print out the activations and practice and I've had some of um, the activations from two years ago I practiced it and it applied to me in that space, but because this is based on relational learning and not just a bible study, I've gone back on a couple of them and done them those same Activations 18 months later and God has spoken or met me in a very different place and spoken to me differently in this different season. New season. Yeah. And that's been, I've never had that with any other service or product like this

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