Catherine A Baker for Why Impartation?

July 26, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Catherine A Baker

If you were telling someone about Impartation, why would you encourage them to sign up?

Catherine A Baker: Good morning Graham, jenny Theresa and team brilliant. Here is a short video from me to answer your questions and to give you some background information of me. Why would I recommend impart ation because it's given me practical tools and how to live the new life in christ which I did not have before. Also, the wisdom from the team who walked this walk for a while has helped me push away a lot of doubts and take hold of the truth in a more secure way. My exchanges seem to be the same for some time loved, accepted, honored, there seems to be layers of this that need to come in. I have been listening to Graham a brilliant tv for some time but did not realize until I started importation just how much had already gone into my heart. Certainly I have been programmed in the old way of opposed to rather than devotional and relational learning with the father. But still the holy spirit has written a lot in my heart, especially when I'm in a relaxed and then I'm in a position of rest. There seems to have been just a three in me for some time and I'm now amazed of what he has actually imparted to me and not knowing how to live in a renewed demand has been huge. It's allowed the enemy to have me in a negative cycle of not no good enough for failing to do it right. Learning how repentance in the new has really freed me. It was amazed when I started to practice it and I realized what had happened and I said, oh sorry I missed this opportunity, but thank you that I get another chance. The condemnation just went and I just danced for joy and was singing around the bathroom. When it happened, I also realized I had left many gifts lying. I was supposed to pick up over the years which have failed to do not understanding this. I've had to do many big exchanges unloved for unconditional love, exception for rejection and significant glory and honor for insignificance. These changes did not seem to be one time they have come in waves of the same, which caused me to doubt because from conception through all the phases of my life and relationships, my experience has been rejection. Now, it seems I have to continually affirm and stand in that space of truth of what God is saying more and more than I ever realized before. That he says I can rest in the truth. So I am accepted in the beloved and whom he is well pleased. Glory and honor will follow me all the days of my life. So it would appear to impart ation at this season of my life, was to affirm what God has been saying to me and what was there. But I doubted it was. Thank you all very much bless you

Do you have an exchange you would like to share with the Brilliant team?

Catherine A Baker: Sorry, I think I must have said everything in in step one um So I'll just repeat um exchanging significance for glory and honor.

Why is Brilliant different from other similar products or services?

Catherine A Baker: Why is brilliant different from other similar products or services, I think, because it's practical, relational, real with the Holy Spirit and how he works through our lives. Hearing it from somewhere else is really helpful to me.

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