Why Impartation?

July 26, 2022

Video Transcript

If you were telling someone about Impartation, why would you encourage them to sign up?

Hi, my name is Eddie belly Shao and I am just so thrilled to share this testimony with you um why importation? Um for me I have to tell you my background, where I came from. I have been looking to find myself for years, I received the Lord when I was a child, eight years old and I attended church pretty much every single sunday I'm in my fifties um going into my sixties actually, so it's a long time and then after that after you know college graduation, you know I ran into personal development and leadership and all that stuff to find myself, there was a huge void enemy and I had abundance of meeting, abundance of program but not abundance of life and that was very disappointing for me. So when I joined in partition the whole thing turned around I cut all the programs that I was trying to improve the old me because I found that through me in christ, that's what importation did because of that, because of that my relationship with the Lord is soaring because of that my relationship with myself with the person who has created me is growing my relationship and my marriage and my parenting and the people I serve and it was just the community, how I see people has changed, its enormous word cannot express what importation has done for me and for my family and I, if you are really looking into this program as a person who has been in so many, so many great popular program um I would tell you there's nothing like this out there. So I encourage you to jump into it and take advantage of it and and find yourself in christ. That is the most beautiful thing you can do for yourself and for your family, and thank you for listening to my testimony. And I hope to see you inside.

Do you have an exchange you would like to share with the Brilliant team?

I have exchanged permission for restriction and the way the Lord has really brought this truth to me was so beautiful. Um for a long time God has shown me what I need to do in my life, the purpose, the work he has called me to do. I enjoyed it, I love it. I I am actually working on it full time now. However, when it comes to really launching a business this it's a business to launch it, I was I get so intimidated and all of a sudden I would get all my content are ready but when it comes to technology and the integration and all the responsibility that comes to it, it kind of shrinks me back and then it stops me and then I I dropped the ball and then I start again. I mean this has been going on for years for a few years now. And so this time though what the Lord told me was stopped, he stopped me and then he helped me to be aware of how I'm seeing myself in that situation. And this is what he brought to me the example the whole spirit gave me an illustration, beautiful illustration and it was like um he showed me like, ok I am a brilliant um perspective lifetime prescriber. So he said you have a brilliant um lifetime prescription right? I said yes, subscription. So I do have that lifetime, I'm a lifetime membership but brilliant always offer you every month one day challenge they give you this access to their small challenges the small things that they do every single month because you have a lifetime access to that. So he brought that and then he showed me I have given you a lifetime access in this endeavor in this work I have given you. So when you come into this little challenge of technology you do have access just like brilliant gives you access to the challenges every month. I have given you access so go ahead and step in it. It is because you have a lifetime membership with me. It was just so just amazing. I mean it opens my eye and I'm like oh my God, that is so true. So now when I sign into a brilliant um challenge I am like so looking forward to it. That is how I sign into the technology part of my business. That is how I walk in it because I have a permission and I'm not restricted with that. Why? Because I have a lifetime eternal eternal access to the wisdom and the knowledge of God and this is such a beautiful thing that the Lord has taught me. So I have exchange permission for restriction. Thank you, jesus. Thank you brilliant.

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