Acceptance Replaces Performance

July 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Hello, Graham Theresa, and Brilliant Team. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share my learning experience of the Father's acceptance. I come from the Sunshine Coast in Australia and I found this to be the most profound and amazing process. It's helped me to identify areas in my life where I've been confusing acceptance with correction in how God is teaching me to walk in certain areas of my life. I think what stood out to me the most is this concept of the space of acceptance that I have experienced. And what I've learned in that space has changed almost daily. Whenever I feel pressure coming from God, which obviously is not there or when I have a question but I feel like a pressure, like I can't really ask it because He's impatient with me, I just tell myself that He is endlessly patient with me. I no longer run from God. I'm accepted. 100%. Acceptance is a gift from the One who loves me the most and knows me the best. When we really get a hold of this I mean, we will skyrocket in our growth. It's like, wow, we're accepted period. Acceptance, I accept it. It's for me. So I reflect it. I've learned my acceptance of His acceptance is the beginning of my confidence in His heart for me. I'm going to live in this every day. He wants me to be overwhelmed. So I find that word overwhelmed, caught my attention because it's something that is beyond and above to live in His mercy, love and goodness. And that really calms me down and brings me really into believing and seeing what, what the way He really is. One of my journaling times with God, I like to share of my experience during this time. So, "Stop focusing on trying to change and just practice the characteristics of My Spirit," says God. "You're not going to always get it right. And that's OK. I know your frame and love you as you are." I'm learning to walk in boldness because yep, I'm making mistakes quite a few of them, but I'm covered. I'm covered in the blood. "I will lead you in baby steps and each step of practicing will become easier until it is second nature and you're reflecting that fruit." So I can just be me the way the Father has created me to be. I find that this is so beautiful that I am a delightful child to the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit That then really enables me to ask the real question that's on my heart. And it's such a peaceful way of communicating with God instead of feeling pressure like you're behind. So that's been changing in my life. The overriding experience has been one of increased peace. A loss of anxiety, increased joy. I've laughed more this month than I have laughed in so many years. And that's just wonderful. Going from where I am now to where I am becoming. It's hilarious with joyful shouts and sometimes I'm humming. It makes me stand tall, walking with a smile, with courage with a skip, holding the Father's hand, living in His intentional care of me. I can just feel His massive, massive heart for me. And also I'm, I'm growing deeper in love with the Three and in the eyes of my heart, they are more exquisite every day as the days pass. I just, I love them more and more. So I also have a crafted prayer with the Father because I felt that I wanted to say something to Him in response to His acceptance. Father, thank You in Your acceptance I become one with You in Jesus. Thank you that being in Jesus is the safest place for me to live, learn and grow. Thank you that You love me exactly the same when I don't do so well or I miss the mark because I am Your beloved. Your acceptance of me makes me rest and relax in Your loving care. So thank you, Father, for acceptance. What a place to live. What a beautiful life. I thank you, Brilliant Church. I love what you're doing. I love what you're teaching and I love the safe environment that you've created here for all of us to share. The Lord is so unexpected and it's just been a delight to do this. Stay focused on what is being pointed out to be worked in us. That's my take for this 30 day challenge which I took and I'm still gonna be taking it. So blessings and I'll see you next time.

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