Briannah Fisher for 2021 Marketing Predictions

January 20, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Briannah Fisher, Marketing Manager, Sky Global

Briannah Fisher: Hi, I'm Briannah Fisher. I'm a marketing manager here it Sky Global in Vancouver, Canada. Reworking marketing strategy and tactics to respect the individual right to privacy will be a major trend for marketing in 2021 and probably beyond. The impact of this will be felt across all industries, but especially within SaaS. So companies will be auditing customer data flows, customer experiences and data storage together with paying close attention to side the security principles as well as consolidating the lessons learned from 2020 to help build both brand equity and nurture future growth. The individual rights privacy is something that hasn't necessarily been forefront, particularly with big tech. But I think we're seeing the emergence of focus in this particular area. That will continue, especially with the interest that Apple and Facebook are taking in this particular issue. That's my marketing

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