Jessica Kidwell Customer Testimonial Video

October 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jessica Kidwell

What was the problem you were experiencing when you came to us?

Jessica Kidwell: When I first started coming to breakthrough, my problem was that I was overweight. I had a lot of health issues from that. Um I didn't like looking in the mirror and I could just see that this was not going in a positive direction and I needed to put the brakes on it somehow and I was going to need help.

What have you tried in the past to solve it? Why didn’t that work?

Jessica Kidwell: In the past, I've tried Keto couch to 5K, intermittent fasting. Um, but I wasn't able to maintain the consistency and I would reach a certain point and plateau and not be able to get past that. And then the frustration would kick in and I would just lose motivation and stop.

What results have you had working with us?

Jessica Kidwell: Since I've been coming to Breakthrough. Um, I've lost 37 pounds. I've reached the goal size I wanted in jeans and I've stopped taking some medications. I've also gained the confidence and the knowledge that I can do this. Um, and that I am worth it. And I've also gained the community. I have, uh, fellow people in the gym that I can talk to if I ever have issues and I can reach out to my coaches at any time for advice and for support. Um, it's a great feeling and I know that I can do this.

What was your experience like?

Jessica Kidwell: I have had a great experience at Breakthrough. Um I've never been to a gym before. I've never joined up with anything like this. So I was nervous when I met Chris for the first time and when I walked in, um, but they've made me feel comfortable and when you go for the workouts, even though it's in a group, you have um different boards. So you're just focused on what you're doing and they emphasize that, that you're just worrying about you, you're not in a competition. Um It's not a challenge to see who can lift the most or do the most reps. Um It's been a very positive experience. You do get a sense of community, you work out a lot of times at the same time. Um but the same people. So you, you make friends and you get relationships. Um It's been a very positive experience and I can't recommend it enough to people.

What would you say to anyone that might be on the fence about working with us?

Jessica Kidwell: If you were on the fence, I would say that you just need to step out of your comfort zone and go for it. Work to improve yourself. You are worth it. Uh Take the time and better yourself. Find um meet people who are in the same position. Nobody's perfect and it never happens overnight and you just need to give Breakthrough a call.

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