Heather Iversen Customer Testimonial Video

January 30, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Heather Iversen

What was the problem you were experiencing when you came to us?

Heather Iversen: When I started at Breakthrough, the problem that I was experiencing was that I was very overweight. I was very sedentary in my lifestyle and I was very unhealthy and hearing from doctors saying at the age of 38 that I'm almost diabetic was kind of a wake up call for me. But I didn't really know what I could do that would change both my nutrition and my activity level and actually help me have lifelong lasting results.

What have you tried in the past to solve it? Why didn’t that work?

Heather Iversen: In the past to try to lose weight and get healthier. I tried so many different things. I tried Atkins. I tried Beachbody. I spent years doing Weight Watchers and I really wasn't able to make any of those stick because I didn't feel supported. And it was really hard for me to maintain my focus and motivation. If I didn't feel like I was getting results, it was hard for me to know what changes I needed to make. And so in the end I would just give up and say it just doesn't work for people like me.

What results have you had working with us?

Heather Iversen: Over the course of my seven months at breakthrough, I have lost 33 pounds but being that I am only 5 ft tall, it looks like a lot more on my frame. I have lost inches all over my body. But the most dramatic inch loss that I've experienced is in my waist alone. I've lost 12 inches. I went from wearing size extra large, sometimes XXL to now being consistently in a medium and sometimes a small in clothing items. So I have a lot more endurance and a lot more stamina to keep up with my four kids in my everyday life. I definitely don't tire as easily and I am so much stronger than I have been in at least 10 years. I come into the gym and I can do the whole workout. I can do cardio before and I can do exercises that I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be able to do.

What was your experience like?

Heather Iversen: When I walked into breakthrough for the first time, I was absolutely terrified. I had zero self-confidence. I had zero self esteem and walking in that door. I was already convinced that this was going to be another thing that I was going to try and fail at after my meeting with coach Chris where I looked at him and said, you just tell me what to do and I will do it. I was met with such wonderful opening arms from everybody, especially my 6:15 a.m. workout group. Everybody was so willing to help me master the exercises. Even though I felt like I was starting from square one, they were all immediately so invested in my journey and I immediately became invested in their journey and it just became such a positive supportive environment. So now I no longer was just doing this for myself and my family. I was doing this for them as well.

What would you say to anyone that might be on the fence about working with us?

Heather Iversen: If there is anybody that is on the fence about thinking about joining the program, but they are afraid or they are worried that they're not going to be able to do it. I would say that this truly was one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. And that if they give it the chance, they will come in and feel exactly see what I felt and realize that this is something that we can all do if we're given the right tools and breakthrough has the tools and they've got this program down to a science and they know how to support you in your journey in whatever way that you need in order to be successful. I would say 1000% this is worth every dollar every minute that I spend doing it. I'm getting back tenfold what I'm putting in and I truly truly can't thank breakthrough enough for not only believing in me but getting me to believe in myself because we can do this. And if you give breakthrough, the chance it will change your life.

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