Faith Jones Customer Testimonial Video

July 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Faith Jones

What was the problem you were experiencing when you came to us?

Faith Jones: The problem I was experiencing before I went to break through was very, very overweight. That was the heaviest I've ever been. I was having trouble sleeping. I couldn't walk up steps, couldn't go down the steps. I couldn't breathe. Um, I didn't sleep very well. I snored a lot like I kept my husband up so much. Um, and I just, all in general felt unhealthy like I, there was no part of me that was ever healthy except for maybe some meals that I cooked. But that wasn't even perfect.

What have you tried in the past to solve it? Why didn’t that work?

Faith Jones: Um, I've done a lot like walking diet pills, diet plans, Keto, um, all veggies, all proteins. Um, but nothing, nothing ever seemed to be a, because I was not consistent. You have to be consistent. I wasn't doing exercises, anything I could get away with doing it and it's a whole plan that you had to get together. And, um, I didn't know that. I just didn't know what I was supposed to do. I was raised by a very heavy mother. She was morbidly obese all of my life. Um, and I didn't know that I didn't know what healthy was. I didn't know, I just thought being skinny, being a size two with no muscle tone was gonna be perfect like that was good just because I looked good. I've always been skinny but I've never had muscle, I've never had anything to help, keep me pushing. And so I didn't know what I was doing.

What results have you had working with us?

Faith Jones: Coming to breakthrough. I have lost since December and it is now July. I have lost £50. I went from a filling in a three X getting right busting at the seams to being able to wear one Xs and have them fit me. Um, I wear a size 14 pants when I was busting out of eighteens. Um I'm able to go up and down steps and that is an accomplishment without dragging myself up. Then I would have to pull myself literally up and down the steps. I, um I have muscles that I've never known to never known myself to have. Like I, um I see definition coming into my stomach. It's not perfect yet, but it, it's me like II, I found I found peace within myself so that I can share it with others. Um I found friendships that we're all on the same path. We're all on the same journey which just not do and nothing is perfect and it doesn't have to be and that we've learned that you might have a hiccup but just keep going, stay, stay consistent, stay consistent. That's, that's my biggest thing that I've learned. You have to be consistent. Um and the community, the love, everybody shares, everybody shares, everybody love and I love it. Whether you're the old, the older people that are there, the, the people that have been there, the longest, the people that are just coming in, everybody's excited to come and I love it.

What was your experience like?

Faith Jones: This has been an amazing experience. I have learned physically, mentally, emotionally. All of it is all connected in the weight loss journey. The journey to getting healthier to me right now. The weight loss is a plus. I just love the fact that I'm getting healthier. Um I have learned nutrition is 90%. You must exercise also, but nutrition is 90%. Um Does it mean you can't have cake? You probably shouldn't. But we, we all have mistakes. We all make up, we all slip up but we fix it, we fix it, we don't have it all the time and we keep going. Um I, my second round with breakthrough. My first round. I was great and I was only going one day a week now. I'm doing three days a week and it is amazing. I look forward to my days that I have to work out.

What would you say to anyone that might be on the fence about working with us?

Faith Jones: I have told a lot of people that breakthrough has been worth every blood sweat, busted, knuckle tear pain that I've ever went in. And I never really had a lot of pain this time because, you know, you, you got, you modulate yourself or whatever through it. But, um, if I tell anybody it's worth it, the community hands down is worth every dime penny dollar. However you want to put it, anything I've put into this, I've gotten what I needed out of it. It's worth it for me. It's been there. It's, I am worth it. That's what you need to say. I am worth it.

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