Barbara Walker Customer Testimonial

July 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Barbara Walker

What was the problem you were experiencing when you came to us?

Barbara Walker : I came to breakthrough originally because of taking too many medications and also seeing a decline in my mom who was elderly but hadn't really taken care of herself throughout the years. And, um, she was very frail and I decided that I never wanted to be that way. So I joined Breakthrough.

What have you tried in the past to solve it? Why didn’t that work?

Barbara Walker : What have I tried in the past? What haven't I tried in the past? I have tried just about any trend that was available from diet pills to strict dieting to Weight Watchers. Uh, Keto, all of that things. I've tried all of the things and the reason I believe they didn't work or stick was because I didn't have any sort of accountability and they were all quick fixes. So I didn't form the habits that I've formed in the past two years.

What results have you had working with us?

Barbara Walker : I've had many results uh, since I began that breakthrough, uh not only have I lost 50 plus pounds and so many inches, I've gone down a lot of clothing sizes, but more importantly, I have lowered or eliminated medications that I was taking previously. Uh, and that was one of my main goals. I have also increased my strength. Incredibly, I'm so proud of myself for being able to do the things that I do now at breakthrough because when I first started, I wanted to cry because I couldn't keep up and I was always one to work out. So it was very, um, very difficult in the beginning, but here I am and I can do almost everything and I just keep going.

What was your experience like?

Barbara Walker : My experience at breakthrough has been nothing but positive from the coaches, from coach Chris to all of his team, uh, even to the individual participants, there at breakthrough. Um It's such a wonderful accountability and uh teamwork. There was like, everybody checks up on each other and make sure you're good. I formed friendships that I would have never had before. Um I am beyond grateful for this experience.

What would you say to anyone that might be on the fence about working with us?

Barbara Walker : If someone were questioning whether or not to join, um, breakthrough, I would say give it a shot because you'll quickly see that the, it's a gym like no other, I've been to and I've been to lots of gyms and this one has such a camaraderie amongst the members and the coaches are there to encourage and to make sure you're doing things properly. Uh, in the beginning, they modified things for me because my knees would not take it. Sometimes my back doesn't like it. I had a shoulder problem for a while. So there's been all sorts of things physically that I've had to overcome and the coaches are right there to just give you something else. And I say, give it a shot because you will absolutely love this gym.

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