Billy Booth for Bravo Store Systems Video Testimonials

March 25, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bill Booth, Project Manager

What’s one thing you want PawnMaster users to know now that Bravo and PawnMaster are one team?

Bill Booth: So the one thing I would think that PawnMaster users would want to know is that with the merge with PawnMaster and Bravo we now have full access to do data conversions. If you want to move from the PawnMaster system over to Bravo, which I highly recommend you do, now we have full unrestricted access to data, which means better accuracy for these data conversions.

Bill Booth: Now with having talented people on both sides, having full unrestricted access, it really does accelerate the process for better efficiency. So we can do more conversions in a smaller amount of time.

Bill Booth: So, if you're looking to make the move from a data conversion standpoint, I can't imagine being at a higher level, and then being able to get that access to everything to where we can port it over and make sure that you guys are getting the best data conversion possible.

What steps are being taken to encourage a great experience for PawnMaster users throughout this transition?

Bill Booth: and, I've been with PawnMaster for almost 30 years. So I get it, you know, I had a lot to do with Classic system and, If you want to stay with it, you can stay with it. You know, with that being said, the Bravo system, I have been here long enough now to really see how good of a, of a software it is and some of the really cool features that they have. So, you know, being a technology guy, I always want the latest greatest technology. So, you know, if you want to stay on Classic, great. I highly recommend though that you look at the Bravo system, some of the things that are in there that are going to help you make money, are just things that are not in the classic system. So the transition has been great.

Bill Booth: I talked a little bit about the conversion process and how much easier that is now. So, you know, all these things put together, you know, the choice of staying with Classic if you want to, being able to go to a, just a very high end software with the Bravo system. I think that it's going to be a great experience for everybody involved.

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