Kathleen Owen for Bravo Store Systems Department Head Introductions

May 20, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kathleen Owen, VP, Revenue

Please provide your name, position and how long you have been at Bravo.

Kathleen Owen: Hello. Hello and welcome to Team Bravo. We're so glad you're here. My name is Kathleen Owen. I'm the Vice President of Revenue and I have been at Bravo for just over four years.

What is your department is responsible for?

Kathleen Owen: So before I jump into specifically what my responsibilities are, let's first just define revenue in its simplest terms. It's just the income that Bravo brings in from selling our products and services, both to brand new people who purchase those and our current customers who buy additional products and services from us. You will hear a whole lot of people using the acronym M.I.N It means most important number. And this year, Bravo has a revenue MIN, meaning we have a goal for the amount of revenue that we want to bring in this year. So the teams that I oversee play a vital role in us achieving that goal. The first team that I oversee is our marketing team. They're absolutely fantastic. In addition to really owning our brand and maintaining our website, our social media channels, writing all the email campaigns, coordinating trade shows to get our name out there. They're really responsible for generating high quality leads people who are interested in buying our products and services, qualifying those and then essentially handing them off to the sales team. So they want to get as many opportunities as possible over to the sales team and then a portion of our sales team also reports up through me as well and they're essentially generating some of their own deals, but they're also taking the baton from marketing and then they're talking to those interested prospects and those interested customers to understand their needs and essentially present our solutions and our products to encourage those folks to purchase Bravo services and products. So they play a crucial role in also demonstrating the value and the ease of use and ultimately increasing sales for the organization. So together the marketing team and the sales team are like an engine to drive awareness of Bravo solutions and then drive sales of our products and services, helping fueling Bravo's growth and helping us achieve that MIN that revenue goal. There's also a third responsibility that I oversee kind of in collaboration with other folks around the organization. And that is to drive variable revenue. So we have other ways that we generate revenue when our customers sell products through our online marketplaces, when they use our text messaging services, when payments are made through our mobile app, we generate revenue that way and we have goals for that as well. And so I work with others across the organization to make sure various projects and initiatives are taking place so that our marketing and our sales team can drive adoption of those products and drive utilization of those products again, driving more revenue. So if you ever have questions about what's going on in the sales world or the marketing world, how the variable revenue works or what those goals might be or how your role contributes to Bravo, achieving our overall revenue goal, you can always reach out to me, I'm available and I'm here to support you in your role at Bravo.

What do you like most about working at Bravo?

Kathleen Owen: So this was hard to narrow down my, my favorite thing or what I like most about working out with Bravo because sincerely, there's a lot of things that people are absolutely fantastic. But as I thought about it, I really realized that I think the thing I appreciate most and that I like most about working at Bravo is that we hold ourselves individually and collectively to some very high standards and, and we really try to pursue excellence in everything we do. Perfection is not the goal, perfection is not the goal. We know that there's trial and error and failures happen along the way. But we learn from those and we pivot. But that pursuit of excellence really acknowledges that every single person here is capable of so much, so much greatness individually and in their own role and collectively as part of a team. And so we, we set a high standard for ourselves about what type of products we should bring to market and how our customers should be treated, how our employees should be treated. And I really think, over the time that I've been here, that bar being held high is, is something that has allowed people across the organization in all sorts of roles to grow professionally in really significant ways, blossom their career if that's what they're looking to do and ultimately differentiate us from, from other software companies that are out there and quite frankly from other employers. So, I like that most I can feel proud of and I think all of our employees can feel proud of what we're doing, the product that we're selling because quite frankly, thousands and thousands of business owners who, who run these businesses that support their families and our products, our services and our people at the end of the day, to be providing something meaningful for them. And I love being part of an organization where all of the employees get on board with saying, yeah, let's set the bar high. And because we know that we can work to achieve that individually and collectively. So it makes it exciting, it makes it challenging and ultimately makes it a place that as you look back, you're gonna realize how much you learned and how much you've grown. And I think that's exciting and I think it sets our employees up for, for incredible success.

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