Brandon Drake's Experience with Pinnacle AI: Automation Made Easy!

October 18, 2023

Brandon Drake praises Pinnacle AI's CRM and Charles' expertise in streamlining business automation. A testament to efficiency.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brandon Drake, The Healthy Data Guy

Can you describe a time or how Pinnacle Ai has helped you?

Brandon Drake: I wanted to give a lot of credit out to Pinnacle AI and to Charles for really helping me solve something that I couldn't do technically, but they put it in a way that was so easy to implement within Pinnacle. They actually, Charles actually, got on a to a zoom with me and actually went through the process and showed me how to do it and it was easier than I expected. Essentially... what I wanted to do was just in case a user canceled my subscription service. He actually showed me how to go about doing that behind the scenes so that it's automated within my workflow rather than me having to manually do all these procedures for canceling a membership if a customer canceled. And also too, he went above and beyond. He actually showed me all the best practices on how to go about handling various workflows and automation so that if a customer does buy, I put in the logic for what the steps are behind the scenes so that I don't have to manually do all these different steps. And so it's a huge time saver. He also showed me other resources that I could use to continually learn and build my knowledge on using Pinnacle AI And I'm very happy with it. And I recommend anybody that is interested in using a CRM to go check it out and get a demo, or go to the demo video. and look at it because it is very helpful. Pinnacle has is definitely going to be saving me a lot of time in terms of having to do all different types of tasks because it'll allow me to automate some of those tasks so that I could spend more time on my business. So I definitely credit to Pinnacle and to Charles for giving really great customer service, kudos to you guys. Thank you.

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