Blue acorn PPP Review - Bradley M's Testimonial

March 28, 2021

Bradley M's Testimonial / Blue acorn ppp review.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bradley M, Self Employed

Bradley M: Okay. Blueacorn was very easy to use, very user friendly. It just guided you through the whole through the whole process that very few people understand. And it was very clear and concise. I would definitely, uh, refer it to all my friends. Thank you. Thank you, Blueacorn.

Would you recommend Blueacorn to a friend?

Bradley M: Any friend that wants to get a PPP Loan I would be more than happy to share the knowledge that I learned from the Blueacorn website and app. It was very easy to use and my friends would greatly appreciate the easy transparency and knowledge of this application. Thank you Blueacorn.

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