Tiy Reed for Boulevard Scholar Program

September 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tiy Reed

Why did you join Boulevard's Scholar Program?

Tiy Reed: One reason why I joined the Boulevard Scholar program is to have access to a community of driven and like minded peers from across the country. Boulevard gives me access to a community of diverse students from all around to expand my peer network. In addition to this peer network, I also really join for the professional development workshops and to hear from my VIP guest speakers as they're always dropping gems and knowledge to help me prepare for my career success.

How has Boulevard positively impact your life?

Tiy Reed: Boulevard has positively impacted my life in many ways. Thus far, one being tapped in with the community of peers that I have, I have been able to build long lasting relationships with different talented and driven scholars from across the world that I therefore would not have had access to if it wasn't. For Boulevard. Boulevard has really been the pathway of helping expand my network and foster more connections with others to help me achieve my goals and expand.

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