Botox Testimonial | Teresa

October 05, 2021

"I'm definitely going to continue to get treatments with Dr. Chad. It's amazing."

Video Transcript

Speakers: Teresa

Why were you interested in Botox treatment?

Teresa: I was interested in Botox because I have trigeminal neuralgia and it hit again this summer. It comes in, it doesn't give you any warning. So, my doctor referred me to Dr. Chad and said that he has Botox treatments, and that would take the pain away in a short amount of time versus being on seizure meds. So, I called the office and Dr. Chad got me in right away. He was wonderful. He explained everything to me and what it was going to do and when it would take effect. So, that's what got me interested in the Botox was because I didn't want to have to be on medicine all the time. And I love their office. They were so kind and generous and explaining everything that they did.

How was your Botox treatment experience at Veranda?

Teresa: I had a wonderful Botox experience at Veranda. And Dr. Chad. I was welcomed immediately upon entering the office and I was taken back where Dr. Chad explained everything to me and how it was going to work. And he followed up. He even gave me a call afterwards to make sure how I was feeling, and then a couple of days later. I would go back.

How do you feel after having Botox? Do you plan to continue getting treatments?

Teresa: I couldn't even feel him putting the Botox into my muscles in my jaw. And then within 24-48 hours, I started to feel relief, and I'm going to definitely continue getting treatments with Dr. Chad. It's amazing.

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