Botox Patient Testimonial | Michele

September 30, 2021

"...there was no pain, it didn't hurt. It was a really great experience."

Video Transcript

Speakers: Michele

Why were you interested in Botox treatment?

Michele: Hi, I was originally interested in getting Botox to help with an issue in my jaw. I've struggled in the past few years with some TMJ issues, as well as grinding my teeth. And so I had a close friend of mine that did the Botox treatment in that area and had really good results. So I reached out to see if it could be something that might help me.

How was your Botox treatment experience at Veranda?

Michele: The Botox treatment experience was awesome. Dr. Emily did a great job. She was very thorough, really explained the process. It wasn't my first time having Botox, I've done facial Botox before, but it was the first time having it done in my jaw, so she was great about explaining the process, what I could expect. the overall treatment, there was no pain, didn't hurt. It was a really great experience.

How do you feel after having Botox? Do you plan to continue getting treatments?

Michele: I feel amazing. After having my initial treatment on the jaw, it has definitely been worth it, and I will absolutely be continuing to have treatments every 3-4 months as it starts to wear out.

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