Lance Van Winkle for Book Bound Academy

January 17, 2024

Performance Publishing success story with Book Bound Academy

Video Transcript

Speakers: Lance Van Winkle

Please describe your experience with Book Bound Academy.

Lance Van Winkle: First, I wanna say about Michelle specifically is she is an excellent presenter. She's highly inspiring and a great motivator. She talks about the whys of writing a book. She talks about how in terms of approach and framework, breaking down the sequential steps of writing a book,

How has being a part of the Book Bound Academy cohort helped you to write, publish, or launch your book?

Lance Van Winkle: Really helped inspire me motivate me, think about the why of writing the book and providing the clarity on approach, sequential steps to writing a book, jumpstarting my writing and breaking through certain barriers such as imposter syndrome, doubt of worthiness or capability to write a book. Setting week to week goals and overall milestones. And, and also thinking about what does it take to get a book to best seller status? Really the launch approach, the marketing, branding, your name in the marketplace. And I had never thought about that before, but it was a question or two I posed to Michelle and she provided great feedback and great information on how to do it.

What would you say to someone who is considering working with Michelle Prince, Performance Publishing, or joining Book Bound Academy?

Lance Van Winkle: I wanted to say that anybody considering or desiring to write a book, I would highly recommend Michelle Prince and her organization. She's highly professional. I have received excellent advice, guidance on approach framework, breaking down the sequential steps of writing a book.

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