Gary Wilkin shares his experience with Book Bound Academy

January 15, 2024

Book Bound Academy testimonial video / case story

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gary Wilkin

Please describe your experience with Book Bound Academy.

Gary Wilkin: Well, I mean, there's three or four major components of this. One was Michelle herself and her enthusiasm and support and her wanting to all of us to become successful, published authors. and that included her time and her materials and just, you know, sharing that. And the other thing I really enjoyed was the process that she used allows me to, to not worry about things that I don't need to worry about until, you know, later. And so that helped. And then the, the other thing that really helped was the other people on the call and that we realized that we're not alone and we can help each other and have good conversations.

How has being a part of the Book Bound Academy cohort helped you to write, publish, or launch your book?

Gary Wilkin: Before I joined this live cohort Book Bound cohort with Michelle, I was stuck, I had been having a tough year, things just weren't working out well. And my writing just fell to the bottom of the list. And after a couple of conversations with her and, and her encouragement and then attending the the live cohort got me back going again. It connected me with a couple of accountability partners, reminded me of the simplicity of the process.

What would you say to someone who is considering working with Michelle Prince, Performance Publishing, or joining Book Bound Academy?

Gary Wilkin: I would say, what is it you need? If you need encouragement, I would say join, if you need direction, I would say join. If you need to have help getting through the process and just knowing what to do when, then I would say that would be a good thing to work with these folks with. And I think more than anything, if you believe you have a message that other people will benefit from. If you think there's something in you that needs to get out in the world and writing a book is the best way to get it out, then without a doubt, Michelle Prince and Performance Publishing, and the implementation of doing things through the book Bound Academy is is absolutely the way to go.

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