Liamo Esposito for Boldmere dental practice Video Testimonials

October 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Liamo Esposito

Could you describe how Boldmere dental practice has improved your dental health?

Liamo Esposito : Really good. They've helped me a lot. I've really been struggling with my teeth of late. And, um, yeah, I feel that I can now smile and it's really, really good.

Why would you recommend Boldmere dental practice to a friend or loved one?

Liamo Esposito : The staff are lovely and the dentists are really nice. And, um, yeah, I can't talk highly enough. So, uh, yeah, I certainly would recommend my loved ones and my friends.

How is Boldmere dental practice different?

Liamo Esposito : Uh, they're just, um, they're always modernizing things. They've always got the most modern equipment and, um, yeah, the customer service is really good. So I definitely recommend them.

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