William T for Extreme Transformation Client Testimonial

October 24, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: William T

How have our fat destruction, skin tightening, and muscle toning technologies helped your Extreme Transformation?

William T: Um I found the whole program really to be uh very enlightening. Uh when I first started, I thought it was a gimmick. Uh but I was kind of desperate uh getting into the program, the technologies and everything. And then along with the uh nutritionist, Jan, the, the entire program uh is a world of different, is a life changing experience for me. You know, if you look at my pictures, the before and after it, it's an amazing transformation. My entire family has been shocked, uh very well pleased. It's like I have a new wife, she's very happy. Um all my medical conditions that my blood work, everything has become normal. And what I thought was a gimmick had became a life changing experience. And I realized it's, it's the whole concept, the entire program when you put it together and you listen to the instructions and be disciplined. It works. And this is probably one of the best decisions I've made uh in my life right now. Correct.

Have people noticed your results? How did that make you feel?

William T: The results and being noticed, this has been an eye opener because I'm no longer being noticed for being fat. And my family is absolutely stunned at the complete transformation that has taken place, you know, about nine months ago, I was just a fat bald white guy just now. It's everybody speeches and with no exaggeration, everybody that sees me, they ask me what happened, where did I go? Because I'm literally about half the size that I used to be and my attitude, my smile, my joy in life has really come back. I feel good about myself. It's nice that people see the, the work that's been put in and every time that I'm asked, you know, how it happened, I have to say it was, it was this program, it was my nutritionist who put up with me, you know, going through all of this. And it's, it's amazing. I've actually became uh uh an advocate for this, you know, because I love it. This is, this is great and to feel this good, I didn't even feel this good 30 years ago and I'm 56 now, you know, uh this is awesome and, and my wife is, she, she's a great touch. She won't stop looking at me and that is amazing. You know, we've been married 21 years and we act like school kids now. It's awesome.

Tell us about your Extreme Transformation results!

William T: The, the results have absolutely been amazing. Um When I started this journey, my, my 16 year old son, he was a little disappointed because every time we go to the beach, I would never take my shirt off. I was just really fat and not really embarrassed. And so one of my goals was to be able to take my shirt off at the beach again and not be embarrassed or embarrass my family. And the results that I have achieved is beyond my wildest imagination. I never imagined this type of transformation. So for me and my family, this has been nothing short of a miracle. Uh because now I can actually take my shirt off and my family not be embarrassed. And uh that was a huge goal for me and especially for my son and I was able to keep my word to him. And that transformation says it all to me, seeing a smile on his face is worth it.

Have you tried other body transformation programs in the past? If yes, then how does ours compare?

William T: Um I have looked at uh several other body transformation ones and going through, you know, reading about it, uh looking at reviews, you know, trying to find real world people that that's been through it. Um But my mindset was always everything's a gimmick. And uh when I look at this, my wife really pushed me to go for and the, the comprehensiveness of the program is what really got me in, you know, everything else I really did thought was a gimmick like everybody else. But from all the other programs I've seen, I didn't see anybody have these type of results that I'm experiencing today. Um And, and that's a, a big factor because I have proof of what this program does. The before and after pitchers, they definitely do not lie and that alone uh is worth it, you know, and I haven't seen transformation like that other than the Photoshop stuff that you'll see on the internet, but I haven't been photoshopped and this is uh life changing and I try and tell everybody about this, everybody see at the gym that are struggling and the struggle is real, you know, but they don't wanna listen, but this works. I can honestly say this works. Give it a shot. What do you have to lose except £50?

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