Wayanne Cassol for Extreme Transformation Client Testimonial

September 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Wayanne Cassol

How have our fat destruction, skin tightening, and muscle toning technologies helped your Extreme Transformation?

Wayanne Cassol: So first I wanted to start saying that I'm so glad that I was able to work with. But envy in order to lose all the weight that I gained from pregnancy because at the beginning, I was so hopeless because I would never, in my life, I was able to do any diet or follow any diet and with them, um, they had the program where you do, um, their cool sculpting, their cool tone, uh, nutrition where you come here and do all your checkings and see like how you're going week by week and with the cool sculpting, I, I did around my belly and I could see that week by week my waist, my belly was getting smaller and, and also with the cool tone eye felt great because now especially my upper belly is starting to like, show the, the, um, it's like, like it started to come out like all my abs. Um, and plus all the, the, the fat that you lose with both machines, I could definitely tell a difference with working with them. Like, especially like the cool week by week. Uh, I definitely noticed that, like, I'm stronger and my abs, feel a lot, like, harder now. So I'm really glad, like, I, I'll definitely, like, keep coming even for the cool tone because that has made a huge difference in my abs.

Have people noticed your results? How did that make you feel?

Wayanne Cassol: So as I mentioned, I was pregnant until June last year and I started working out in January. So that was like six months after I had the baby. Yes, I did start working out. But my nutrition wasn't enough. My, I didn't know how to start a diet. I was never able in my life to do a diet even though I tried before, but I always failed because I didn't have anyone following up with me. And that's the main reason why I, I'm so happy with Bo Amy because I would, I would come here weekly biweekly and I'll go on the scale and the scale to definitely tell me like the difference. And every week I'll have people coming to me and asking what are you doing? I, I used to tell my husband like 45 times a week, somebody would ask me, what are you doing? Like your transformation week by week is huge. Even last week, like I had, even though like I was, I lost all the weight I wanted, like I still had people telling me you keep every week looking better and better and the results that I had from here and from the nutrition and from the follow ups and the one by one conversation with Jennifer is just always amazing because I, I was always able to learn so many things from her and it was like, so personal, like, it's like everything was directed to me so to my goals and that's why, what I love about it because I was able to follow up with the diet. I was able to like, change my life and change the way I eat. And the results were just every week, better and better and better. And people just tell me like, all the time, like, you're definitely like in a great transformation.

Tell us about your Extreme Transformation results!

Wayanne Cassol: My extreme transformation results are literally extreme and amazing. Um I'm glad, like I was able to do the journey until the end. And my main goal was to lose 30 to £40. And so far, yes, I did lose the £40 and I was able to fit in clothes from like 78 years ago. And I was like, every time I will try on clothes that were from that old, that, that, that time that I was like very skinny. Um I was like literally very young. Um It just felt amazing because that was like, in my mind, I was, I felt like I was never gonna be able to fit in my older clothes again because I used to feel very happy about my body like 78 years ago, I was like a lot skinnier, but with time and pregnancy, everything literally changed so much. And I just felt like, what should they do? Where should they start? And that's why all like this, the program like really, really helped me achieve my goals because I was lost literally before. And with the program, I was literally able to reach my goals and I even going further, I'm like, even trying for more. Um, so nice a everyday thing where I take care of my nutrition. It's like an everyday thing where I watch what I eat. It's like a, it was like a school for me because I learned how to eat. I learned how to take care of myself the way I eat the amount that I eat. Um, what times in the day should I eat? Why should I not eat if I want to, like, for example, lose weight. But at the same time, I'm like toning muscle, I'm gaining muscle. So there are a lot of like a lot of things and portions that come into like this part that was literally like right now, even after you finish your program, you're gonna notice that you're gonna continue watching your diet, you're gonna continue keeping up with your nutrition because it's things that you learn. It's things that like, you literally learn how good or how bad um food can be for your body. And I feel like that was amazing and I felt like that was something that I learned so much.

Have you tried other body transformation programs in the past? If yes, then how does ours compare?

Wayanne Cassol: I did call many other places before deciding where I should start my journey. Um And but, and we definitely uh was the place that I felt OK. I feel I'm gonna get where I want to be. Like they have a different types of machines for your goals. They have their nutrition checkups for your goals. Uh You have a one by one talk about, I like about everything for nutrition literally. So that's the reason why I chose them because I felt it was like a complete package for what I wanted. Um So with them, as I said, I was able to reach my goal and everybody here is just so lovely. Everyone here is so attentive like you get here and you feel like a celebrity literally because everybody is so warming and they, everyone wants, just wants to help you somehow and or even if it's just like a personal talk like Jennifer, I would say she's my therapist too because she is my nutritionist and we can't even talk about personal things. And that's the reason why I really love body envy because it's a place where you can get comfortable. It's a place where you can get personal. It's a place where you can change your health, you can change your life and you're definitely gonna feel comfortable here. This and also the place smells amazing. It's always super clean. You can always get your coffee as well. So, yeah, I'll, I don't regret at all anything from here and I'll definitely do everything again because my health, I, I did blood blood exams from February because I started in March. And compared to after the nutrition that I changed, like the keto diet, every everything just literally changed on my body. Everything is just functioning so much better. Um And I just look so much better. I just feel a lot more confident now.

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