1 minute with Steve Neat and Martin McKay - Boardwave Scaling Sales Masterclass Series

January 22, 2024

Video Transcript

Speakers: Martin Mackay, Chief Revenue Officer, VERSA Networks. Steve Neat, Sales Leadership Advisor

Please would you tell us your name and current role?

Steve Neat: Hi, my name is Steve Neat. After over 35 years of selling enterprise software, I'm now an independent consultant, providing advisory services to early stage technology companies.

Martin Mackay: Hi, everyone. My name is Martin Mackay and I am the Chief Revenue Officer for VSA Networks.

Please tell us about your career, and your credentials in sales?

Steve Neat: My big break was joining Oracle as a sales executive in the late 1980s and since then, I've been an individual contributor, a sales manager and a sales leader.

Martin Mackay: I've been in the technology industry for longer than I care to remember and I played every role in technology companies with the exception of CFO.

What do you hope attendees will get from this Masterclass series, what will they be able to learn?

Steve Neat: During this Masterclass series, I'd like to distill those learnings into five top tips that will help you improve your close rates, increase deal sizes and improve your overall forecast accuracy.

Martin Mackay: I think what people are going to be able to get from this series is both that combination of understanding best practices in terms of process, but also understanding how you can deploy EQ that is to say emotional intelligence to help you win the sale.

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