Your invitation from Sion to join Boardwave

November 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sion Lewis, General Manager EMEA, GoTo.com

Introduction from Sion, and a bit about his background?

Sion Lewis: My name is Sion Lewis. I'm a Committee member of Boardwave. I've worked in the software sector for nearly 30 years. I'm currently the General Manager of EMEA, at GoTo, one of the world's largest SaaS companies, and I'm also go-to-market advisor to some rapidly growing European Saas companies Prior to Goto I was the CEO of IRIS Accountancy and Education divisions. I've also held various VP roles at companies like BMC and Salesforce.com

Your invitation from Sion, and what you can expect as a Boardwave member?

Sion Lewis: I wanted to personally invite you to join Boardwave. Broadwave's goal is to provide a community of expertise for Europe's most talented software leaders. Now we're committed to bringing together the region's software leaders, Founders, Chairs, NEDs and Investors to help each grow successful businesses. These talented individuals come together to share knowledge, best practices and ideas to ultimately crack problems to ensure fast and scalable growth. Already, we're finding most of today's challenges have been resolved by someone in the community, or if they have not... we've been able to provide a great sounding board for resolving today's challenges.

Some final thoughts from Sion?

Sion Lewis: I would love you to join our mission. Having worked for American and European leading companies, I know that Europe has what it takes to become a huge powerhouse in the global software market. But to do this, European software leaders need to learn and grow together and share their experiences. Boardwave can really help your business. And in return I know you can help others too. Thanks for listening.

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