Rod Banner's Personal Invitation for you to join Boardwave

December 01, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rod Banner, CEO, 3LA

Introduction from Rod, and a bit about his background?

Rod Banner: Hi there. My name's Rod Banner. For several decades now, I've worked inside the tech industry, but as a brand builder, marketer and storyteller, I've worked with startups. I've worked, helping them to become global leaders. One of our case studies that I'm always proudest of was taking Cisco Systems from literally a start up to the point where it was the largest company by value on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange But we've touched many different brands, during the period of my career, and I still love helping people create monsters out of ideas.

Your invitation from Rod, and what you can expect as a Boardwave Member?

Rod Banner: I'd like to encourage you to join Boardwave There are many good people, all of us gathering together, striving to help European software companies grow and become world leaders. Yeah.

Some final thoughts from Rod?

Rod Banner: whether you're a start up looking for help, encouragement, mentoring or answers to those tricky questions. Or alternatively, maybe you've had a successful career and want to give something back to help European companies thrive. I think Boardwave is going to be very, very useful to you and, once again, please come and join us.

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