Sumir Karayi for Boardwave Masterclass Series on AI

January 20, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sumir Karayi, Founder, GateAI and 1E

Please would you tell us your name and current role?

Sumir Karayi: Hello, I'm Samir Karai. I'm delighted to be here as the A I lead for Board Wave. I'm also an entrepreneur. I've started two businesses, one E which I sold a couple of years ago to the Carlisle Group and Gate A I which is helping businesses, especially large businesses adopt A I technology.

Please tell us about your career, and your credentials in AI leadership?

Sumir Karayi: I've always been in software. Over the last 20 years, I started and grew a business called 1E which has sold the majority of my stake in to the Carlisle Group. And then I could take a step back. And over the last two years, I focused primarily on AI, I've been incredibly lucky. This is the perfect time to be in AI I have a software background and I've also started a new business called Gate AI which is helping very large businesses adopt AI technologies. So you can say I'm, I've really been immersed in this AI space.

What do you hope attendees will get from this Master class series?

What will they learn?

Sumir Karayi: I'm delighted that you're considering joining our AI strategy webinars. We are going to do this every two weeks and every two weeks, we are going to focus on one main topic. So initially in the first one, we are going to focus on how do you adopt gen AI in a simple practical manner across your business. The second one, we'll focus on you. How do you use gen-AI as your copilot as your personal copilot and just become 10% more efficient. So in every single one of these webinars, we are going to be focused on one particular topic that will enable you to make better decisions. What we'll also do is spend 10 or 15 minutes in each one of the webinars and bring you the very latest news condensed and relevant for you running a software business. So I hope you're really gonna enjoy these. I'm sure you're gonna find them incredibly informative and I hope you'll be able to make better decisions and also radically change and improve your business using AI technologies.

Any final thoughts?

Sumir Karayi: Thank you for your interest in the AI strategy webinar series. I'm sure you're gonna enjoy it and I'm sure you're gonna get a lot out of it. Our aim is pretty simple. We want to take out the fear, uncertainty and doubt across the AI space by bringing you actionable, good, high quality information. No sales pitches, just information from peers that you can use today across your entire business and for yourself, I think this is going to be an enjoyable journey and I look forward to seeing you register and attend our sessions.

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