1 minute with Jonathan McKay - Boardwave Product Strategy Masterclass Series

January 19, 2024

Video Transcript

Speakers: Online Masterclass : Product Strategy, Jonathan McKay, Serial Chair & Investor and Boardwave Chair

Please would you tell us your name and current role?

Online Masterclass : Product Strategy: Hi, everybody. My name is Jonathan Mckay. I'm chairman of Forward Partners, which is a publicly quoted venture capital business. Lafosse Associates, which is a technology recruitment business. Move.AI which is a spatial animation business and Drif Rock, which is a social media marketing business, so quite a broad range of coverage there. I'm also, for my sins, chairman here at Boardwave.

Tell us more about your career and product strategy credentials.

Online Masterclass : Product Strategy: In fact, I worked in the early nineties with Phill Robinson, Founder of Boardwave and we were together at a very exciting fast growing enterprise software business called Sybase in the early nineties and then I subsequently moved to San Francisco and ran a business called Forte, which was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2000.

Online Masterclass : Product Strategy: I came back to the UK and since then, I've been working alongside venture capital companies and participating on some of their invested companies.

What do you hope attendees will get from this Masterclass series?

Online Masterclass : Product Strategy: I think the first thing is to be clear that your approach to product really matches the position or the the stage that you're at on the evolution and the journey of your company.

Online Masterclass : Product Strategy: Secondly, looking at the product through the lens of enterprise software. We've really got to understand how we can leverage the fast expansion of the market through a product led approach.

Online Masterclass : Product Strategy: The third thing that I think will be interesting is to look at the language of the investor in the context of product from the venture capital point of view, as you go through the start and scale up phase and then from the private equity point of view, as you really dominate your market sectors and become profitable.

Any final thoughts?

Online Masterclass : Product Strategy: I'd really encourage you to come along to these master class sessions and tune in. We've got a great group of people. I have been hugely impressed by my fellow presenters on this masterclass thread. I think you really enjoy it and I think you really benefit from it.

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