Elona Mortimer-Zhika invitation to join Boardwave

November 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elona Mortimer-Zhika, CEO, IRIS Software Group

Introduction from Elona, and a bit about her background?

Elona Mortimer-Zhika: Hello. My name is Elena Mortimer Zika, and I'm one of the patrons of Boardwave an amazing, amazing community of Europe's best and most brilliant software leaders, I've been in the software sector for many years. Originally, I was qualified. I'm qualified as a chartered accountant and spent many years at Big Four, always in their software division. And then I've been in private equity for the last 13 years. I currently work as the CEO of IRIS Software Group. We are a three billion plus software business, one of the largest privately held software businesses in the UK.

Your invitation from Elona, and more about what you could expect as a Boardwave Member?

Elona Mortimer-Zhika: I wanted to take this opportunity to personally invite you to join Boardwave. Boardwave is a networking community of Europe's most talented software leaders. And together we can genuinely help software CEOs, Founders, Chairs NED's and their Investors to support and help each other to build even more successful businesses by sharing our knowledge, our experience, our best practices and ideas and providing mentoring support as well.

Some final thoughts from Elona?

Elona Mortimer-Zhika: I really hope that you decide on Boardwave because it really is an amazing network. We help European software leaders become even more competitive and even better on a global stage. It's independent, it's free to join. And I think it could really help you in your business. And I really hope you decide to join us. Thank you for watching.

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