Sneak Peak : Boardwave Masterclasses on Scaling Sales

January 01, 2024

b2b Saas How to scale sales for CEOs and Founders who are part of Boardwave

Video Transcript

Speakers: Peter Grant, Scaling Sales Lead Coach, & International Salesleader. Daniel Hyde, CEO, Erevena. Steve Neat, Sales Leadership Advisor. James Bagan, Operating Partner, Frog Capital . Lindsey Armstrong, Board Member & Advisor

Peter Grant: Hello, my name is Peter Grant. I'm a growth advisor to start ups in the US and in the UK. But more importantly, I'm your host for this Master Class Series on Scaling Sales.

Peter Grant: Our mission is crystal clear; to empower B2B SaaS, Founders and CEOs across Europe to master the art of Scaling Sales. Each session is one hour long, starting with a brief 5 to 10 minute introduction. VIP experts will then share tangible advice and case studies for 20 to 30 minutes, followed by a 15 minute Q and A session.

Lindsey Armstrong: One thing I'd like people to come away with is an understanding that community counts. This is a great community and sometimes being a CEO or founder, it is a pretty lonely position. But here is a place where you can lean on people where you can ask advice and where there's a ton of experience to help you on your journey to being an entrepreneur. Secondly, I think from a purely practical perspective, any tool that you come away with that helps you run the company more efficiently, helps you be more efficient yourself or brings clarity and focus to your day to day activities is an absolute win. However small that piece of advice might be.

Steve Neat: During my sales career, I've been involved in thousands of sales opportunities and I can't say I've won every one of them, but certainly I've learned something from each and every one during this Masterclass Series. I'd like to distill those learnings into five top tips that will help you improve your close rates, increase deal sizes and improve your overall forecast accuracy.

James Bagan: So in the masterclass that I'll be leading, I'll be using my experience as a VC to examine some of the key metrics that we use to monitor go to market effectiveness and efficiencies. So it will be really cool both in the masterclass and afterwards to hear from attendees, what they make of that and what other metrics we should be looking at or perhaps different ways in which we should be looking at them, especially given current market conditions. So it'd be really cool to, to hear from you guys and please register, get on board and get involved.

Daniel Hyde: Hiring amazing people who turn to your team can be the difference between succeeding and failing as a company. Our hope is this class will help you identify, manage and then retain people more effectively. So please sign up and I look forward to meeting you all in due course.

Martin McKay: Ultimately, a leader only has two problems, not enough orders and every other problem. And this series is gonna help you really address that first challenge, which is how to make sure that your results are good.

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