1 minute with Martin McKay - CRO, Versa Networks

January 20, 2024

Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. My name is Martin Mackay and I am the Chief Revenue Officer for Versa Networks. We are a venture capital backed Pre-IPO company based out of Santa Clara (California) and I have global responsibility for all activities in the field in terms of my credentials to be part of this Broadwave masterclass series. I've been in the technology industry for longer than I care to remember and I played every role in technology companies. With the exception of CFO because, I'm not a qualified accountant. So I've been Chief Executive, Head of Sales Head of Marketing Head of Product et cetera and I guess my sales career goes back more than 20 years And as I say, I've led sales efforts for venture capital back companies. I've led sales efforts for very large us Corporates and effectively have led the sales motion for enterprise and mid market, go to market as well. So have got a lot of experience in terms of what it takes to bring a product to market and to sell it successfully in terms of what I hope people will get out of this Master Class series, I guess a couple of things a long time ago, one of my industry mentors said to me Martin sales is a process. And whilst I think it's a mistake to rely solely on technique, what I think the participants are gonna learn is how to use technique, self process sales methodology if you will to their advantage. Now, one of my favorite sayings is that "Customers buy for their reasons, not for ours". Which means that whilst we may think we have the best product, we may think we have the best value that is not ultimately what is going to decide whether you win or not. It's not just a question of IQ. but it's a question of EQ that is to say, understanding the emotional drivers behind the purchase decision. And I think what people are gonna be able to get from this series is both that combination of understanding best practices in terms of process, but also understanding how you can deploy EQ that is to say emotional intelligence to help you win the sale. Ultimately, a leader only has two problems, not enough orders and every other problem. And this series is gonna help you really address that first challenge, which is how to make sure that your results are good. So thank you for your interest. Uh Delighted to be part of this Boardwave Masterclass series. I would absolutely encourage everyone whether your role is leading an early stage organization or whether you're part of a more mature company to sign up and participate because I think the value of this series is gonna be inestimable. So, thank you and looking forward to sharing my experience with you.

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