SocialMedia.org Founding Member Bob Pearson on how the community has evolved and stayed true to its DNA

November 22, 2022

SocialMedia.org Founding Member Bob Pearson shares how the community has stayed true to it's mission to help solve today's challenges that social media leaders currently face.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Bob Pearson, SocialMedia.org Founding Member

What sets SocialMedia.org apart from other organizations?

Bob Pearson: What sets SocialMedia.org apart from other organizations is something that I hope stays with it forever. So you think in the very beginning, it was this ability to get us all to share and talk about how we actually even approach social media. But if I look at today's world, it could be how do we deal with misinformation and disinformation so we can improve society, and we can protect citizens of the world? Or it could be, how do we actually look at paid, earned, shared, and owned media and how it all works together in a digital environment? So I think the thing that set SocialMedia.org apart in the beginning is hopefully part of the DNA that will always be with it forever. So if SocialMedia.org is always doing things that are kind of pushing the needle a little bit and maybe getting into areas that people don't know as well as they should, then I would say that the mission is staying whole.

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