Blueprint Video Testimonials

April 29, 2024

Video Transcript

Can you describe how Blueprint's AI Notetaker has helped you? The more specific the better!

Hey, my name is Bruce. I'm in private practice. And um I heard about blueprint actually in my ethics class, I was taking my um annual Ethics and part the, the class was focused on um case notes, the ethics of uh case notes and then dual relationships was kind of the two parts. And they mentioned, and we talked about um the ethical use of uh an A I model um as a note taker. And I hadn't even considered that I hadn't even thought that. And so my ethics class was on a Saturday and I immediately downloaded it uh because I don't know about you, but for me as a clinician, uh note taking can be the bane of my existence. I, I feel like if I um am trying to type notes while I'm talking, I'm not present with my client. And if I'm trying to handwrite notes, transcribing those into electronic, feels like double work. And so I couldn't find a happy medium. Um and I found myself like being behind. So I'd either end up spending a couple of hours after my clinical day was done doing notes or I would take an administrative day that was supposed to be one of my days off and spend the whole morning making sure I was caught up on notes, um, still trying to maintain notes within a couple days of the session and it just was tiresome and, and didn't work. And then I heard about this and in the ethics class they were like, there's really not been any, um, anything that's come out that makes it an ethical violation. And so I was like, I'll give it a try. And so Saturday was my ethics class. I immediately downloaded, um, or like, signed up for an account with blueprint and used it Monday morning, first appointment and used it for the last three days of sessions, um, 21 sessions over the last three days. And this is the first time in years that I have ended my last clinical day of the week with all of my notes done. Um, some of them required some tweaking just to make sure that it's said exactly the way, um, the way I wanted to read and what I wanted to read, but this is not, I'm not joking in, I'm going into my fourth year or I'm finishing up my fourth year of private practice. And, um, this is the first time that I have ended my clinical week with all of my notes complete. And tomorrow is my administrative day that I would normally spend a couple of hours, few hours in the morning, wrapping up my notes. I'm going to be able to take care of other things that I need to, um, that would have pushed me into the afternoon and I know that I will be done by lunch tomorrow, um, which is a good feeling. And so I'm sold on, this is how I'm gonna do notes from now on. And I'm actually in the middle of expanding my practice and I haven't decided completely, but there is a solid chance that this will be how my clinicians do their notes. So yeah, I love it. It's been fantastic for me. I feel far less um an urgency and anxiety around notes and um yeah, I just feel really good ending the week this way and it's the first week that I've used it. So, yeah, can't recommend it enough.

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