Blueprint Video Testimonials

May 08, 2024

Video Transcript

Can you describe how Blueprint's AI Notetaker has helped you? The more specific the better!

OK, I cannot say enough good things about blueprint. I have been using it since the beginning of the year and it was my new year's resolution to try it out. And since that time, I have been blown away, I didn't plan to use A I. It was a bonus. I would try to um I did a trial to use blueprint for the assessment. And then A I was like I said, something that was a pleasant surprise and it has completely changed my world really literally. So clinicians have always been burdened by the task of paperwork and having to document everything that we do and we always just want to do the work, we want to be present with our clients and focus on the service that we provide. And so blueprint A I has literally taking that away from us, which is ultimately going to benefit everything. It's going to improve mental health services for clients and ultimately likely be able to expand services for um for mental health. And the blueprint A I capabilities continue to get better. And it is so impressive. I've tried to branch out to other A I to compare and blueprint is the best right now. So um whoever is developing it is doing a great job, the clinicians who are having a hand in that are impressive. Um The notes that are created, feel so rewarding, it's very validating as a clinician to see the note that is created and we talk about it as a team and sometimes just the note in itself is so rewarding. So um we're very, very happy with blueprint. The clinicians who initially didn't want to invest in it are like, no, I just have to do it. I don't want to spend the money but I have to do it. It's still worth it. So we don't have to worry anymore about um audits. We definitely feel like, yeah, we got the documentation, we have what we need and we're completely present. We no longer have to worry about spending hours trying to catch up. Um having to talk with clinicians about how are you spending your time? How are you going to catch up on your notes? What are you doing to try to do this? We're worried about delayed billing as a result. This has completely changed everything. So we're very, very appreciative of A I note taker and the developments. We're excited about that and we're excited about the rollouts that are continuing in the abilities they um what's coming ahead

How much time have you saved as a result of Blueprint's AI Notetaker? Have you re-invested this newfound time into anything notable?

I myself have saved about eight hours a week from not having to document the notes myself. I have been a clinician for over 20 years now. So I am pretty fast at doing documentation and so I and able to put my efforts into other things. I am a very busy person and so I have rerouted that attention into. Um during this year, I have um started a nonprofit um with some other people in the community. So we have been putting our energy into that. So that has been rewarding. I also supervised clinicians and as a result of the A I progress in notes, I have been able to save a lot of time with my following up with them and supporting them as well because of the time that it has been saving them. So I also um have to sign notes from clinicians. I no longer have to spend as much time reviewing the notes or worry about the quality of the notes or going over with them. Um how to write notes or um go over diagnosis or plans because A I the blueprint essentially helps them with a lot of that itself. So that decreases the amount of time that I need to spend doing those kind of things with them. We do other things regarding the quality of their sessions and less about um the documentation because the A I um note taker is able to assist with that. We do talk about what their notes are like and whether it's consistent with them. But that has been able to um assist with that in a much more meaningful way.

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