Godwin Oshegbo for Blueprint Video Testimonials

May 08, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Godwin Oshegbo

Can you describe how Blueprint's AI Notetaker has helped you? The more specific the better!

Godwin Oshegbo: I started using blueprints uh last month, which would be uh the month of April when I noticed my case load uh gradually taken up. Um I enjoyed, you know, walking with my clients and uh also realized that I required uh a lot of time to think about my notes and uh you know, writing a lot during the uh sessions. And um you know, when I started using a blueprint, I wanted to just give it a try to see if it were different from the ones that I had used uh previously. And I was marvelously blown away. Um The accuracy with which it documented the sessions appropriately, identifying the interventions that I used with my clients and being able to organize my thoughts. The way I would normally organize. My note was very thrilling. So that at the end of each of my sessions, all I just needed to do were just minor edits and uh note was done really in less than five minutes. All of these had been compiled, uh giving me adequate time to jump to next tasks or even preparing for my next clients. If I still had more clients to see that day. And uh I will tell you that, you know, uh in the past couple of weeks after using blueprint, I come out of my work day feeling like I really haven't really done anything at all. Right, that I have just been in sessions and that's it. So I'm really, really impressed with the coding with the level of accuracy and uh the meticulous way that blueprint captures every event happening in the session.

How much time have you saved as a result of Blueprint's AI Notetaker? Have you re-invested this newfound time into anything notable?

Godwin Oshegbo: So on average, I think I have saved uh two hours, you know, each day uh of my work because this would have been time dedicated to, you know, thinking through note writing, how to construct the sentences so that it, you know, uh sound like um uh it should be reflecting what happened in the session, making sure that uh the shorthand notes that I took during the session are adequately reflected in my notes. So uh I will tell you that even within the small case load that I manage, that blueprint has been able to save me an average of two hours, you know, each day. Um from compiling notes, these times I have repurposed into, you know, doing some more research uh for my clients or planning towards the next sessions. And more importantly, you know, times that I will use to, you know, um engage with my family, you know, have time for other things that I do for personal self care and just being able to relax and not feeling um mentally stressed for the notes that um I will be doing after this session. So, um my hope is that, you know, as I progress with the use of blueprint. And as my case load grows, I should be able to make uh make more time, you know, to accommodate our new clients and just continue to see how I can optimize, you know, the personal things that I do for self care too.

How do you describe Blueprint's AI Notetaker to clients when it comes to obtaining consent? How do clients react?

Godwin Oshegbo: So, uh it's interesting that we ask this question um very often when I'm meeting with my client, I, you know, let them know upfront that during the session. I like to take notes and uh these notes are not uh or my note taking activities are not intended to be a distraction or a way of uh analyzing them. You know, sometimes, you know, we have to declare those intents just to make sure that the client is comfortable knowing that me taking notes is just a way of being able to track my thoughts and uh being able to adequately reflect what happened in this session in my notes. Um So with obtaining clients uh consent with the blueprint, uh I tell them that this way this eliminates that note taking during our conversations and uh it will help our conversations to go more naturally, you know, go fluidly like we are engaging in what we should engage, you know, two partners talking and not having to ruffle papers, you know, uh uh losing that momentary gaze of eye contact that I should have with them during the session. So I tell them that uh you know, signing this content, uh uh consent will help us eliminate those distractions and also capture accurately what we are doing in our sessions.

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