Coleen O'Connor for Blueprint Feedback Video

August 29, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Coleen OConnor, Therapist and Intake Coordinator, Center for Child Development, Newark, DE

Can you share a story about a time that Blueprint helped you and/or one of your clients?

Coleen OConnor: Hi, my name is Colleen o'connor. I am a therapist with the Center for Child Development in Newark Delaware. We have been using blueprint for a number of years and um I think the best part about it for me has been uh the initial cross cutting assessment, the BP DS. Um I think that areas are identified more quickly by using that and it assists uh therapists to kind of tailor what other assessments we would like people to use um kind of answers our questions uh more quickly than uh we get when we're building that first relationship with the client. The second part of blueprint that I think um is, is really good is um when we're getting to the end and we're getting ready for uh termination and being able to look at the growth from the very beginning until the time for discharge and seeing the changes and the growth uh that the client has experienced through therapy. Um I have been a therapist for a fairly long time and um we did not have these assessments prior to uh my joining the Center for Child Development. And um I'm just really impressed with how much blueprint has enhanced our services to, um, Children, adolescents, adults and families.

How would you describe Blueprint to a clinical peer?

Coleen OConnor: So in talking about how to explain a blueprint to a clinical peer, I would share with them that it's an opportunity to uh find out more about what our clients are thinking and feeling. Uh Then you can get in a traditional therapy session. Um It is an opportunity to measure uh growth and progress in your client. And um it also solidifies your clinical impression with data. So I think that's how I would explain it to a clinical peer.

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