Stephanie Parmely for Blueprint Feedback Video

August 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stephanie Parmely, Psychologist Supervisor, Meridian Counseling

Can you share a story about a time that Blueprint helped you and/or one of your clients?

Stephanie Parmely: Hi, I'm a psychologist. My name is Stephanie Parmley and I use blueprints because I like using evidence based practices to treat my patients. I like to know what kinds of symptoms they are reporting. Um, it takes less time sometimes to give them an assessment prior to my session than to ask them these questions in sessions. So it gives me the opportunity to review the results to be able to assess how they're doing from week to week or from every couple weeks to every couple weeks. And I like being able to see their progress. So thank you for the opportunity to use blueprints.

How would you describe Blueprint to a clinical peer?

Stephanie Parmely: I would encourage, um, my therapist peers to use blueprints because it's a way to assess their, their, their clients symptoms in a way that, um, you can use for note taking as well as being able to follow them from week to week. It keeps all the information in one place. It helps you also assess how you're doing as a therapist based on the client's perceptions. So I would encourage my peers to use it.

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