Farid Alsabeh for Blueprint Feedback Video

August 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Farid Alsabeh, Psychotherapist, Great Lakes Psychology Group

Can you share a story about a time that Blueprint helped you and/or one of your clients?

Farid Alsabeh: I think there's something about getting feedback that really helps us improve and achieve our goals with blueprint. One of the features that I've used is not only the assessments but also the daily check ins and the Daily Journal, I have a client who suffers from anxiety and she was using the assessments and logging her scores every two weeks and over time seeing that improvement, I think it led to a kind of positive feedback loop where the more she saw she was progressing, the more enthusiastic she was and the more she wanted to improve even further. Um and the daily logs and the checks were really important too because I think in her case, knowing that she was going to keep track of her anxiety provoking thoughts really helped her to be mindful in situations throughout the week and just going into interactions knowing she's gonna document what her feelings are and what her thoughts are later on. And then not to mention having the space during weekly therapy sessions to review those entries and just further dive into detail about what her experience was like. So I think measurement based care really helps the client develop this kind of mindfulness towards their symptoms and how they come up throughout the week. And I've found it extremely helpful.

How would you describe Blueprint to a clinical peer?

Farid Alsabeh: I would say that blueprint is a platform that helps you get more information from the client than what you just get during the weekly sessions. The assessments help you get a baseline and then see what kinds of improvements are being made over time. And the worksheets and daily check ins and journals help you get even more information about what the client's day to day experience is like. And I would say over time, you're able to help the client notice certain things about their week because you have that data from their entries that you wouldn't otherwise have. So I think blueprint is about just getting more information from the clients and really more data that you wouldn't have had otherwise.

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