Blueacorn PPP 1099 Contractor Review / Testimonials

March 28, 2021

1099 Contractor's Testimonial / Blue acorn ppp review.

Video Transcript

As a self employed contractor, Blueacorn made the funding process for the PPP loan through the SBA super simple. It was very easy. I was funded in under three weeks from start to finish. They are there. They have a chat built in chat that they can use to help you fill out the application while you're filling it out. Most people won't need help. It's that simple. Uh, that gives you a lot of information about the loan. They give you information on how you can get you a loan Forgiven. Very simplified. I can't overstress that. Compared to other lending agencies I tried to go through, they just make things so complicated. But if you're an independent contractor, you're self employed gig worker, and you're trying to get funding to grow your business. Then I recommend Blueacorn

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