Blueacorn PPP Review from Devin T Green

March 28, 2021

Blue acorn PPP review from Devin Green. 1099 and Self Employed Contractors can apply.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Devin G, Self Employed

Devin G: Hello. My name is Devin Green. I was just calling to, say thank you to Blueacorn for assisting me with obtaining my PPP loan The service was great. It was seamless. They they did everything, in a manner to a professional manner. And I am very, very, very, very pleased with Blueacorn. I would suggest Blueacorn to anybody and everybody in my contacts. In fact, that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna suggest anyone who may be interested in getting a PPP loan to most definitely reach out to Blueacorn and ask for their guidance and assistance and obtaining their PPP loan. Thank you very much. Blue Acorn. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. My family as well. Thank you.

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